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Evolved events and entertainment consulting from Jennifer Brazill


Jennifer Brazill is a music and entertainment producer and consultant. She lends her expertise to events and festivals of all types and sizes, with an underlying focus on sustainability. 


With over 20 years in the music industry, her background encompasses everything from working at an independent record label, managing artists and tours, producing records, and bringing the vision of a music festival to life in unique environments. Early in her career, Jennifer was part of Red Light Management – an experience she considers her “grad school” in the music industry. There, she worked on the Dave Matthews Band team while soaking up experience from the best in the business. 


Her personal journey is as eclectic as her resume. She has lived in New York, Virginia, Costa Rica, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Colorado. At each stint, she cultivated relationships and gathered experiences that have shaped her outlook and professional aspirations. Her journey came full circle when she moved back to her hometown to start a new music festival, reconnect with her community, and grow her consulting business.

“I believe that when we create events and experiences, it is our responsibility to have the lowest possible impact and environmental footprint. It is also our responsibility to educate and imprint a greater change by shifting the mindset of business owners and their staff to carry these practices into their daily lives.” – Jennifer Brazill


Creating lasting 
not impact.


Jennifer collaborates with eco-conscious companies and events to develop sustainability strategies that align with their overall business objectives. Each program is customized with a messaging platform that resonates with audiences (including staff, fans, and visitors) to foster a culture of environmentalism and waste mitigation. Whether you’re looking to eliminate single-use plastics, integrate alternative energy, or anything in between, Jennifer can help initiative or improve your practices.


Through her career in the high-pressure music industry, Jennifer has mastered the art of event production and management. Her experience booking band gigs and organizing tours can seamlessly translate to events of all shapes and sizes – from concerts to corporate retreats to weddings. From understanding your demographic to fine-tuning the details, Jennifer is here to help make your next event a resounding success.


Music festivals are a unique genre of events – and come with numerous (often unexpected) challenges for organizers and hosts. Having experience starting and growing multiple festivals around the country, Jennifer understands what it takes to navigate these complex, multiple-day events. She can assist festivals in artist hospitality, band management, event production, strategic partnership development, market, and more.


The right brand captures attention and evokes emotion. Throughout her career, Jennifer has crafted distinct brands for artists, events, and businesses. She can guide a variety of initiatives, including brand development, creative marketing, project management, public relations, and social media marketing.


Due to the changes in regulations during the COVID pandemic, we are prepared to make adjustments on all of our event planning, site management, and business operations to comply with COVID rules and regulations.  We  have the information, tools and resources to provide full COVID compliance assistance and safety. 



Whether starting from a blank canvas or enhancing an established event, Jennifer can bring your distinct vision to life. Here are some of her favorite success stories.

◉ Social Good Strategy & Integration

◉ Greening & Sustainability

◉ Branded Entertainment

◉ Venue & Festival Operations & Management



If you’re interested in working with Jennifer, send a message and she’ll be in touch soon.



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