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At Ginger Root Productions, we believe that business can thrive while respecting people and our planet.

GInger Root Productions  brings a demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability and social good to everything project, event and client they engage with. 

With deep and impactful connections to community, Ginger Root presents a  mindful approach to events and event production.

Inspired by the natural healing properties of ginger, we offer a nurturing, holistic approach to sustainability consulting. 


Our intention is to work with all types of events, facilities, and organizations that want to upgrade their greening ability. 

Music festivals and concert venues


Arts and entertainment


Sport venues




Film production sets


Small businesses


Cannibas Dispensaries & Cultivators


  • Greening assessment of event

  • Assist in hiring Green Team and sourcing volunteers

  • Assist in ordering proper products 

  • Assist in connecting with Composing Centers for food waste

  • Assist in securing water stations 

  • Overall consultation of your event to personalize a plan that works for you!


We offer rentals on event-based sustainability products so you can mitigate your post-event footprint.

Products Available:

- Trash Buckets

- Trash Pickers

Deposit: $100 to be returned when all items are returned in good condition

*For local use only for the Buffalo/Niagara region

Planting New Trees

carbon offset consulting

If you’re looking to mitigate the carbon footprint of your event or business, we can help you explore your options – from purchasing carbon offsets to seeking alternative energy options to planting trees in the local community. Our goal is to develop an environmentally beneficial solution that aligns with your organization and values. 

Practicing what we preach

In addition to our consulting services, Ginger Root Productions is looking forward to hosting our own eco-minded events in the near future. Stay tuned.

Country Style Wedding Table Set


Grounded in a sustainable mindset.

let’s connect

To learn more and talk about your sustainability goals, send us a message and we’ll be in touch soon.



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