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Venice Beach, California

(I am not a very good surfer don't the the photo fool you.. but i have huge respect for the ocean)

I walk a fine line between taking action all the time to the point of annoying, and being extremely lazy with my sustainability efforts. However, the one thing that is constant.. it is ALWAYS, always on my mind. I even bought a hybrid car just to alleviate some guilt.

(insert self talk)

"Do not buy that damn plastic water bottle at the gas station just because you are so thirsty, use one of the 100 reusable bottles you have in the car"...

"How many coffee cups can you go through in a week, bring your own next time!" .. " (although this one is tougher to do in a pandemic)

"unplug all your electronics every night, they drain so much energy".... "recycling is a fraud"

"Take shorter showers"..... "Dont buy food packaged in plastic" , ... "you should be a vegan" ...

"We are all going to die in 5 years because we are burning down our own house"..

"Stop being so lazy with everything you throw away,"..

and on and on and on...

Every thought. Every day, literally almost every minute. It is totally exhausting. But the thing is.. even when I am exhausted with my thoughts and frustrated with my actions (or lack of actions)

I would rather be aware than oblivious. I would rather be conscious (albeit upset all the time) then numbed out. I would rather know the damage we are doing to the planet, and the small impact that I may be able to make with a few small changes, then just accepting "what it is"...

Earth Day is everyday. Where would we live if we didn't have "the planet" as our home?

I hope we can all remember that without keeping the planet clean and understanding Climate Change and the direction we are already heading in, and what our footprint is each and everyday.. then you're part of the problem.,I hope all the annoying and nagging thoughts I have will now nag on and annoy you everyday and every minute too. You're welcome.

Happy Earth Day Friends! Go Green!

Carmel, California

Check out the most recent collaboration Rise Up: The Roots Revival Box

In celebration of Earth Day, 8 women owned businesses, came together on an eco-conscious collaboration. The box includes an item from each business that focuses on sustainability, conscious consumption, and revitalization. THE ROOTS REVIVAL BOX

Ojai Alapacas! (at the home of Emmett Malloy)

Big Sur River, Big Sur California

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