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The Human Experience. There is no denying this has been a year of chaos, unpredictable circumstances, fear, isolation and frustration. We have lived day to day with so many things out of our own control and our paths dictated by higher powers or outside forces.

From the politics to the pandemic.... there has been an online culture created filled with negativity and blame. I see people complaining everyday, spanning across every possible topic, about things they are unhappy with.

But here is my question... what are they actually doing about it?! It is one thing to have and express an opinion on something you are frustrated about but at what point is enough enough?

If you really want to make a difference, if you really want things to change.. you have get out and create that change! If you are able, if you have the means..... please give it a thought and a try!

I have put together a list of organizations that are always looking for volunteer participation.

Find something that is important to you, something you are passionate about.. and go for it!

Many of the suggested organizations may not have on site volunteers at the moment due to Pandemic regulations. But you can start researching ways to be involved and when the time is right, you are ready. Get on the email lists, learn more about the organization and check out ways to donate and participate.

Get out of your own comfort zone...

LOCAL NON PROFIT SUGGESTIONS Environmental/Sustainability

Urban Poverty

Health and Wellness / Seniors

Physically and Developmentally Challenged.



Also see how you can Volunteer WITH your own kids What are some organizations that are important to you as a family, and see how you can get involved.

"We believe that children are the future - teach them well and let them lead the way"

- Whitney Houston

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